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Sermons from our past Genesis Series may be listened to below.

You can Listen to Chapter Five, The Babylon Factor, from our Genesis Series Below.

Five Themes in Genesis 1-11. Genesis 1-11 9/9/18

Babylon The Great. Genesis 11:1-9 8/19/18

Three Types of People. Genesis 10 8/12/18

You Can Listen to Chapter Four (The Noahtic Covenant) from our Genesis Series Below.

The Rainbow in the Throne Room Genesis 9:8-17 7/22/18

The Sanctity of Life. Genesis 9:1-7 7/15/18

What is a Covenant? Genesis 8:20-22 7/8/18

You Can Listen to Chapter Three (Noah, The Line of Faith) of Our Genesis Series Below.

When Waiting Seems Unreasonable: Genesis 8:1-19 7/1/18

Judgment and Grace: The Waters of Noah: Genesis 7:1-24 6/24/18

Righteous in His Generation: Genesis 6:9-22 6/17/18

Beyond Self Help: Genesis 6:1-8 6/3/18

You Can listen to Chapter Two (The Fall of Man) of Our Series Out of Nothing Below.

Multiplying Grace: Genesis 4:17-25 5/20/18

Angry and the Beast: Genesis 4:1-17 5/13/18

Cursed to Survive: Genesis 3:8-24 5/6/18

The Fall of Man: Genesis 3:1-7 4/29/18

You Can Listen to Sermons From Pastor Sean’s Genesis Series Chapter 1, Out of Nothing, Below.

Formed From Dust: Genesis 2:4-17 4/8/18

That Blessed Day: Genesis 2:1-3 3/11/18

Be Fruitful and Multiply: Genesis 1:24-31 3/4/18

Wanna Take a Selfie?: A Biblical Understanding of Dominion in Genesis 1:24-31. 2/18/18

Imago Dei part 1: Who is made in the image of God? (Genesis 1:24-31) 2/4/18

Recent Sermons Not in Our Out of Nothing Series

Some-Sayers and Confessors: Matthew 16:13-18 8/19/18

The Hope of the Resurrection: Romans 8:18-25 4/1/18

Two Paths: Psalm 1 Bro. David Norman, guest preacher. 3/25/18

The Trial of Mr. Happy and Miss Fortune: Acts 24:24-27 3/22/18

Pastoral Installation Service: Bro. Barry Peppers, Director of Missions Chattooga County. 2/11/18