What is a Covenant?

What is a Covenant?

What is a Covenant
Genesis 8:20-22
Preached 7/8/18

In previous sermons concerning Noah, Brother Sean mentioned that we would be returning to the idea of the covenant and spend more time asking what a covenant entails. This sermon covers the basics of a covenant, the understanding of their importance, and helps relate the OT Noahtic covenant to the new covenant in Jesus’s blood.

After introducing the basics of a covenant, Brother Sean asks the question why the Noahtic covenant did not change the hearts of mankind. While Noah’s covenant is called the covenant of patience and provided all of mankind with a promise that God would be patient with them, still the covenant did not deal with the hearts of man, as the Bible says the hearts of man were continually evil.

The answer to the problem lies in understanding both Noah’s sacrifice (bull, goat, sheep, etc.) and Noah doing the sacrifice. While Noah is a representative for man, he is not a perfect man. Noah also mediates for God, but his sin keeps him from perfection. Likewise Noah’s sacrifice, while excessively lavish, could not atone for man’s sins. Therefore, in order to change mankind’s hearts, mankind needed a better sacrifice and better representative. But what sacrifice could be perfect and what priest would be perfect enough to sacrifice him. Brother Sean proposes that only Jesus, both fully human and God, could have been the perfect sacrifice and high priest.

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