Wanna Take a Selfie?

Wanna Take a Selfie?

Brother Sean continues teaching on our series Out of Nothing by expounding Genesis 1:24-31. Sean explains the Bible's understanding of the Image of God and how mankind has dominion over the earth.

Brother Sean continues to expound Genesis 1:24-31 and the doctrine of the Imago Dei (the image of God). After reading Psalm 8, Sean speaks briefly about the first sermon on Genesis 1:24-31.

Brother Sean uses the illustration of taking a selfie to help the understanding the Imago Dei. We need to stop asking whose image we are taking and start asking whose image we are reflecting. Brother Sean argues the Imago Dei can be seen in mankind being created for a relationship with God.

How does mankind have a relationship with God? Sean argues Genesis 1:24-31 offers two commandments mankind is able to obey. God’s first command is for mankind to have dominion over nature. The second command is for mankind to be fruitful and multiply. This sermon focuses only on the first command.

What does it mean to have dominion? Brother Sean argues for a positive and negative aspect to obeying God’s command. Positively: Dominion means ruling with a royal authority over all of nature. Negatively: Dominion does not mean domination.

Positively, dominion means recognizing God’s higher authority in every task. Dominion means working tirelessly for creating to fulfill tis God given purpose.

Negatively, dominion does not allow mankind to act as tyrants. We are also not allowed to relieve ourselves or others of their dominion (2 Thess 3:6-12). We are not to think dominion means all responsibility falls upon ourselves.

Brother Sean concludes with a chiastic structure to help us remember what dominion means:
1. God mad mankind in the imago Dei
2. God allows dominion not domination
3.God commands good governance not tyranny.
3. Christ’s birth was God’s good governance over sin’s tyranny.
2. Christ’s resurrection was God’s dominion over death’s domination.
1. Christ is the perfect image of God.


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