The Trial of Mr. Happy and Miss Fortune

The Trial of Mr. Happy and Miss Fortune

Brother Sean offers a break for the next three weeks from our series Out of Nothing. As we lead up to Easter Sunday, Brother Sean asks us to consider the themes of the Gospel. In this sermon Sean focuses on three parts of the Gospel, righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgment.

This sermon asks us to spend a moment in the life a Roman. Brother Sean uses the illustration of living in Caesarea Maritime in AD 56. Brother Sean points out that those who are in a poor state would wear more bland grey colored clothes, but those more well off would be able to by royal purple robes.

After setting the stage, Brother Sean reads the trial of Paul in Acts 24. The sermon focuses on Acts 24:24-27. The sermon focuses on three points:
1. Righteousness is standing perfectly innocent before God’s court.

2. Self-Control is living content when the allurements of discontentment shine brightest.

3. Judgment is knowing God will act justly to condemn any faithless acts of humanity.

Brother Sean bids us to then look at these three Gospel themes from Jesus’s perspective.

  1. Jesus is the righteousness of God.
  2. Jesus lived fully in God’s will with self-control.
  3. The judgment of God was placed on Jesus for us.

Brother Sean concludes that our love of alluring things will always steal our righteousness and keep us from fearing the coming judgment. Both women and men want to hide their sin by covering over our ash-grey selves with the royalty of purple. However, Jesus did the opposite of what is natural to us. Jesus covered over the royal purple of his deity with the grey’s of humanity. We need his example, we need his leading, we need Jesus as savior.

Only once we believe Jesus is savior can we have righteousness, self-control, and the resurrection of life, which is God’s judgment on those who believe.

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