The Melody and Harmony of Marriage

The Melody and Harmony of Marriage

Do you have a favorite love song? Adam’s first words in the divine play of human history is a love song. Genesis 3:22-25 shows us two aspects of the foundation of marriage which are foundational to understanding the concept of marriage.

When God created woman, he used two unique words in Scripture. Woman is called a Help-Meet.

A help-meet comes from the term Ezer. Ezer is typically a military term. It refers to reinforcements in a battle, when the reinforcements are considered stronger than the army currently in battle.  The idea is that without these reinforcements one will not win the battle.

Help-meet also means a matching pair. Much like the left hand and right hand are the same but match each other, so also is a woman the same as man, but they match each other. This is why we call men and women complimentary.

Therefore, the melody of marriage is man singing a love song to God concerning his wife. Men need to be praising God for their wives. Or another way, men need to thank God for their wife. We notice that God brought Eve to Adam and Adam is passive in the arrangement. Adam’s activity in his marriage is lifting up his wife to God and being thankful for her.

However, some liberal evangelical ideas teach a different ideas on marriage. Recently, a popularity has been given to interpreting Genesis 2 as pro-gay marriage. There are two views which teach Genesis 2 as pro same-sex marriage. The first view says that Genesis 2 is about fulfilling loneliness, and any marriage can end loneliness. The next view states that Genesis 2 is only teaching one type or paradigm of marriage. While male and female are the majority view, we cannot exclude other pairings.

The problem with the first view is the term help-meet. The image of God in Genesis 1 is male and female and that mankind is to be fruitful and multiply. Therefore, we recognize that marriage allows man to fulfil God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. The problem with the second view is that the Bible never puts forward any other paradigm then male and female in marriage. Therefore, marriage cannot be between anything other than male and female. This is the only definition of marriage in the entire Bible.

Finally, the harmony of marriage is seen in the one flesh aspect. While one flesh can be understood as a sexual union, this is not the only thing that one flesh means. One-flesh has to do with faithfulness and continued love for one person. Ephesians 5 makes clear that the house of marriage is built on a foundation of worshiping and loving God. The pillars which hold up the ceiling are told to us in Eph. 5. First, that we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit (18). Second, marriage is held up by husbands loving their wives. Upon the foundation of love, with the pillars of the Spirit and husbands loving their wives, we then understand that marriage is truly reflecting God. People can see and know who God is by observing Christian marriages.

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