The Fall of Man

The Fall of Man

In the audio sermon below, Brother Sean begins a new chapter in our Out of Nothing series called The Fall of Man. This morning we talk about Genesis 3:1-7.

Genesis 3:1 starts with comparing a serpent to the naked and not ashamed status of Adam and Eve. The term of comparison used is crafty. The serpent is more crafty than Adam and Eve. The word crafty refers to the clothes that the serpent is wearing. Crafty (the clothed one) refers to the scales that the serpent is wearing. He appears naked like Adam and Eve but he is armed for battle. While he may appear naked, he is only deceptively like them. While Eve is ready to have a discussion, Satan is waging a war.


  1. Sin always appears delicious until you check the ingredients.

Satan appeared to be harmless, but he was the most dangerous creature in all creation. We will find that with sin we are slain by our own weaknesses.

2. The primary ingredient Satan uses to tempt Christians is the Word of God.

When Jesus was out in the desert he was tempted, truly tempted by Satan, to misapply the Word of God. Satan said “if you throw yourself down, God will send his angels to attend you.” This was true. But it wasn’t all true, because “you shall not tempt the Lord your God.” This is the crafty-ness of Satan. What he says to Eve is mostly true. She has engaged with a creature who knows more than her.

3. Sin makes you the Master-Chef in God’s Kitchen.

Sin desires for you to make your own cook book. Sin wants you to think that you can make a better recipe for yourself than God can. You decide what virtues are desirable at what time. You may say “patience is a virtue”, but you’ll qualify it with “when I desire to be patient.” You may say, “its good to treat people kindly,” but you add “unless they treat you unkindly.” The recipe for Christian character is not in your hands. You have to follow God’s recipe.

The problem with being the Master-Chef is that sin never stays in the kitchen. No dish served up by sin ever stays private. What happens in the privacy of your own home does not stay in the privacy of your own home. Sin is never a private affair.

So what is sin then? A complete rebellion against God’s formula.

Notice the Creation Formula in chapter 1 and 2.
God is active
Mankind is Passive
Creation is absent

God has all the lines and Adam reacts to what God does. Creation is completely absent from lines in Genesis 1,2.

Notice the Sin Formula starting in chapter 3:
Creation is Active
Mankind is Passive
God is Absent

You see Satan promised that we would be like God, but in both formulas we stand in the same position. Mankind is passive and reacts to whatever is claiming to be God. Either God is active in your life or creation is. You are not the god in any formula. If you will overthrow the creation formula then understand that you are not just some victim, you make yourself a rebel. We are either children of God or children of the Devil. The devil will promise you a higher place, a greater role in defining your own life, but it is not so.

How do I get out of the Sin Formula?

  1. Evil only comes out of good things. Stop surrendering what God created as good to the power of evil. If sin only exists through good surrendering itself, then evil is conquerable by good. If sin is conquerable, then it is also forgivable. So we can break out of the sin formula by throwing ourselves at the feet of the ultimate good force, God almighty. We can throw ourselves down at the ultimate symbol of good’s power, the death of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross.
  2. When digesting the Word of God, follow God’s recipe. Read and understand God’s Word properly. We worship God both in spirit (humble contrite heart) and in truth (the Word of God). Therefore, obey God based on the truth of who he is.
  3. Since pride, the desire to be like God, is the main course at every sin banquet, then the Christian can refrain from gorging themselves at the feast by making humility the largest portion of their diet. A realization that it is our own weaknesses which will destroy us is key to the Christian life. The chinks in our own armor will bring us down, so we need the armor of God. We can no longer come to this fight naked and unashamed, but we can come to battle with the breastplate of God’s righteousness and the helmet of his salvation.


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