Judgement and Grace: The Waters of Noah

Judgement and Grace: The Waters of Noah

Judgement and Grace:
The Waters of Noah
Genesis 7:1-24
Preached 6/24/18

This sermon was originally divided into three parts. The audio has been spliced together for listeners. The sermon was divided into three different parts for the purpose of showing the three different tones in Genesis 7:1-24

Part 1, Prepared to Wait: Genesis 7:1-10

The action of Genesis 7:1 takes place immediately after the previous verse. After Noah obeyed God, God let the waters loose.

There are two commandments from God in this quick paced section: God commands Noah to go into the ark and God commands Noah to collect extra clean animals. No reason is given for this last minute, fourth quarter command. Still Noah obeys.

Noah’s name is listed continually with great repetition in this section.

Part 2, Flash Flood: Genesis 7:11-16

Once again Noah does all that God says and the waters start to come. Every descriptive word in this section is extreme. It doesn’t just rain, it pours. The waters don’t just come down, they burst forth. The door of the ark doesn’t just close, God slams it shut.

Outside the ark everything is chaos. But inside the ark there is rest as the ark slowly lifts above the earth.

One should notice that Noah and his family are all listed continually. The Bible emphasizes the name of Noah and who is saved.

Part 3, All is Quiet: Genesis 7:17-24

The sentences of this section are much longer. Noah’s name is only stated once. The Bible divides up many words which appear together in the Bible, particularly three words for death.

There is one word play in this final flood sequence – blotted out (Mo’ah) and rest (Noah) are paired together. The final time Noah’s name is referenced it contrasts the death that is found outside of God’s grace.

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