Formed From Dust

Formed From Dust

Have you ever asked yourself how important dirt is to life? We past by dirt and dust all of the time and give it no thought. But God took the least of the world (dust) and formed mankind (Genesis 2:4-17). Each one of us has been made out of the simple clay of the earth. No one person is made from greater material than dust. Yet, as we discussed in Genesis 1, mankind is the climax of creation. God took the least of what he created and made it the greatest.

Dust is not all we entail. God also breathed the breath of life into us. So we know now that we are both creature and spirit. And as mediators between heaven and earth, God has some rules for us.

Brother Sean teaches us that we can expect to grow naturally, but we cannot expect to grow spiritually just by the passing of time. Children will become adults, but our souls will not naturally become mature. One lie we’ve accepted in our modern time is that natural things (like sports, school, work) take sacrifice but spiritual things should be convenient. We want church to be easy and not take personal sacrifice.

Pulling our attention to Genesis 2:9-17, Brother Sean speaks about how at the center of the Garden of Eden there were two trees. These two trees served as two symbolic reminders: man lives by God’s grace (the tree of life) and mankind is not God (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). Disaster takes place when we deny one or both of these realities.

Adam had everything he could possibly need (and more than he could ever want) but still he wanted to define right and wrong for himself. The real problem is that we are just like Adam. If given the choice we would consider the gold and precious stones of Eden as more important than walking with God. We do not make good moral choices for ourselves.

Therefore, like Adam we need to place reminders all around us. In our homes we need to place reminders that God is God and we are not. Women and men needs symbols that there is something greater to answer to than ourselves.

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