Cursed to Survive

Cursed to Survive

Brother Sean continues our series Out of Nothing as we move into a new segment titled “The Fall of Man.” The Fall of Man covers Genesis 3-5.

This week Brother Sean discusses how mankind was cursed to survive after committing the first sin. Brother Sean focuses on the curse segment of Genesis (3:14-19) after stating that excuses are not the same as repentance. Thankfully, God is patient and wills everyone to repent. Therefore, God gives both Adam and Eve time to repent. They both take their moment to confess as an opportunity to blame some other factor. Adam goes so far as to use divorce language (that woman) and blames God.  Blaming others is not the same as repentance.

Satan is particularly cursed by God. His being and character receives the most direct curse. Satan is said to be in constant battle with mankind.

One interesting thing about this passage is that God does not use the word ‘curse’ to describe childbirth. Sometimes we think of God adding pains to childbirth as God cursing childbirth, but it is not so. The Bible only speaks of having children as a blessing to mankind. While having children is still a blessing, the consequence of sin is the pain, not only of laboring to have children, but of raising them as well. Pain is involved in the whole process.

Adam’s person does not receive a curse either, but the ground does. The curse of the ground is a justice punishment. Because Adam wanted to eat without God’s blessing, God allows Adam to eat without God’s blessing. Mankind will have to toil even to eat bread. Mankind wasn’t meant to live on bread alone, but now he is cursed to have exactly what he wanted, bread without God.

Thankfully there is hope in this passage. The first hint of the gospel is seen in the cursing of Satan. One will come from woman who, despite being bitten by the serpent, will crush Satan’s head.

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