Finding God

Finding God:

When we talk about finding God, we come with an understanding that there is a separation between God and us. The cause of this separation between God and men is called sin. Sin has a few different meanings. First, the Bible teaches sin as rebellion against God. We act as if God is not really God of the universe. By saying God is not really God, we are either saying God is not good in some way or that there is no God – that is why sin is called rebellion.

Sin is also called missing the mark. The picture is a skilled marksmen shooting at a target. This marksmen is fully capable of hitting the target, but he chooses to miss the target. When we sin, we  were capable of doing what is right, but we choose not to do what is right. We are the skilled marksmen who chooses to miss the target.

Both rebellion and missing the mark are the reason why an all good God and mankind are separated. The problem of sin is that it makes us evil before God. As people who are evil and perpetuate evil (by our rebellion and missing the mark), there is only one punishment, death. Death is the punishment for sin because God is the God of life; once we’ve rebelled against life, there is only one replacement, death. The Bible puts it this way, “the wages of sin is death.” This means sin is paid at the end of the day with its own currency, death.

If you’re curious about the meaning of sin, watch this short video:*

A Solution for Sin

Now that we understand sin isn’t just a bad thing but is very much a part of who we are (choosing to rebel, and miss the mark), we need a solution for sin. The problem is that mankind cannot do enough good. The Bible likes to often use the phrase “there is no one who is good, no not one.” One place where this idea of no one being good is put forward is in the fourteenth Psalm in the second verse (Psalm 14:2), “The Lord looks down from heaven,” the verse tells us, “to see if there are any who understand who seek after God.” Verse three concludes, “They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.”

So now we are met with quite a large problem! Man committed sin and therefore has to pay the penalty, but mankind is not perfect enough to solve the problem. Since only a perfect person could solve the problem, mankind needs God to solve the problem of sin. We are met then with God’s solution – we need a God to forgive (we call this grace) and a human who can restore the relationship before God (we call this a mediator). The Bible’s solution to the need for God and man to solve the sin problem is Jesus.

We teach that Jesus is fully like us (mankind) and fully God (the only Son of God). By God becoming a man (whom we call Jesus), God is offering a solution for sin. Since, as we learned above, sin is the ultimate evil that’s punishment is death, then Jesus had to die for our sin.

If you’re curious about God’s solution watch the video below:*

How Do I Get This Solution?

Since Jesus is God’s solution for sin and Jesus is God, we often say you need to believe Jesus is Lord. But what do we mean? God’s gift (the solution for sin, Jesus) is free. We call this free gift grace. How do we get this gift (grace)? We have to put faith in God. Faith is a rather simple concept. Faith is believing God is who He says He is. Now, remember that part of sin is rebellion (not letting God be who he says he is). So faith is a rejection of my own way of life. I have to live in accordance with who God is. Faith is believing God is who he says he is without being able to see him or even test him. The Bible likes to say faith is, “the assurance of things hoped for, the belief in things unseen” (Hebrews 11:1). When we say “I believe Jesus is Lord,” we are saying a few things:

1. We believe Jesus is God.
2. We believe Jesus really lived as a human.
3. We believe Jesus really died on the cross.
4. We believe Jesus rose from the dead.

The below video is helpful in understanding the Gospel of Mark (meaning: the story and good news of Jesus written by Mark):*


As you heard in the video above, faith is believing Jesus is really the solution for our sin. We “find” God not by us going to him, but God coming to us. God really walked among us and really was a man! Our response to understanding this good news is obedience – we want to follow and obey God’s commands. Jesus puts it this way, “those who love me obey my commandments.” Believing Jesus is God means obeying God – that is we believe Jesus is Lord (master, leader, king) of our lives. I no longer get to choose my own path (missing the mark), I no longer do things that make God out to be evil (rebellion), I give up my right to commit sin (we call this repentance).

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