Pastoral Devotion

Pastoral Devotion

Three Signs of Eroding Integrity

You can check out a published article by our pastor on called “Three Signs of eroding Integrity.”  Three Signs of Eroding Integrity

Noah’s Warning to Christians

You can check out a published article by our pastor on called “Noah’s Warning to Pastors.” Noah’s Warnings to Christians

Immigration, Families, Church, and Christ

Immigration, Children, and Families and Christ By Sean Wegener Senior Pastor Summerville First Baptist Church A Complicated Border History Before we try to tackle the current immigration issue in terms of politics or policy, let’s face the grim reality of our own poor history with immigration policy. Here in Georgia[…]

Sowing God’s Word

Sowing God’s Word in a Busy Schedule By Sean Wegener Pastor Summerville First Baptist   The Busy Schedule In 2005 I was ready to open a new chapter in my life. Having graduated from McKinney High School, I was bound for Oklahoma State University (OSU) for the fall. I had[…]

Can Evil and Normal Coexist?

               Children movies are intentionally easy to understand; the forces of good, often represented by softer and brighter colored figures, take on the forces of evil, those mean harsh people dressed in blacks and reds. What happens when we step out of the realm[…]

Is Death Merciful?

In 1939 Karl Brandt popularized a word among the German people; this word, having trickled down the steps of time, landed into the hands of modern American culture. Brandt’s word was gnandentod. You may have never heard the German word gnandentod; likely you have heard the Greek equivalent, euthanasia. Both[…]

Foggy Mirrors and Faith

              Ever try driving with a foggy windshield? For some reason, I still make the attempt. The windshield? Foggy. Visibility? About 25%. I’ll still say to myself, “You got this.” My bravado may put too much stock in faith and hope in these moments.[…]

Surfboards, Angels, and Prayer

              No one asks a surfboard for surfing lessons. While the imagination chuckles to entertain such a notion, no asks of inanimate objects what can only be done by flesh and blood. Yet, when it comes to prayer and spiritual needs, we quickly turn[…]