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Man and His Nature

This poem was presented at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary during a student night. As it relates to our upcoming discussions concerning the Imago Dei (image of God) and the fall of man (Genesis 3), I have decided to post it here. The poem is arranged in thirteen stanzas and follows the progress[…]

Pitfalls in Pastoring

With our pastoral installation service coming up on February 11th, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my short tenure as pastor at Summerville First Baptist Church. Below I’ve listed four pitfalls which continue to tempt me in my work as pastor. Forgetting to pray prior to working in the[…]

Foggy Mirrors and Faith

              Ever try driving with a foggy windshield? For some reason, I still make the attempt. The windshield? Foggy. Visibility? About 25%. I’ll still say to myself, “You got this.” My bravado may put too much stock in faith and hope in these moments.[…]

Surfboards, Angels, and Prayer

              No one asks a surfboard for surfing lessons. While the imagination chuckles to entertain such a notion, no asks of inanimate objects what can only be done by flesh and blood. Yet, when it comes to prayer and spiritual needs, we quickly turn[…]