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Should the Church #believewomen?

In the link below, Pastor Sean asks if the church should get on board with the #believewomen movement. He reminds us that the church’s role is as the Bride not the judge.   Should the church #believewomen?

The Benefits of Prohibition

Below Pastor Sean writes on an important topic, alcohol. He challenges us to rethink our open stance on drinking and ministry. Click on the link below to read the article.   The Benefits of Prohibition

Look for the Yellow Hats

Right doctrine leads to right practice. Pastor Sean explains how Southern Baptists put the doctrine of the imago Dei into practice through the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief agency in todays post. Look for the Yellow Hats

Suturing Wounds with Mercy

Below is a link to Pastor Sean’s devotional piece in Suturing Wounds with Mercy

Five Pastoral Reflections

Below is a blog post from our pastor reflecting on pastoring for six months.   Five Pastoral Reflections

Three Signs of Eroding Integrity

You can check out a published article by our pastor on called “Three Signs of eroding Integrity.”  Three Signs of Eroding Integrity

Noah’s Warning to Christians

You can check out a published article by our pastor on called “Noah’s Warning to Pastors.” Noah’s Warnings to Christians

Immigration, Families, Church, and Christ

Immigration, Children, and Families and Christ By Sean Wegener Senior Pastor Summerville First Baptist Church A Complicated Border History Before we try to tackle the current immigration issue in terms of politics or policy, let’s face the grim reality of our own poor history with immigration policy. Here in Georgia[…]