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Grieving at Christmas: A reflection on 2019

In this post for the Christian Index, Pastor Sean reflects on the past year at Summerville First. It was a difficult year with more than a dozen funerals throughout the spring season. How does a Christian deal with grief and loss at Christmas time?   Grieving at Christmas: A Reflection[…]

Five Noticeable Changes at Southwestern

In this post Pastor Sean reflects on his trip to Texas. He discusses the recent updates to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary under the new president Adam Greenway.

Nostalgia and Why We Can’t Even

In this post Pastor Sean reflects on the massive outbreak of ’70s and ’80s nostalgia. Should Christians get onboard with all the nostalgia? Pastor Sean argues we ought to let the Bible capture our imagination and not our childhood fantasies.   Nostalgia and Why We Can’t Even

The Bells of Notre Dame Will Be Silent This Easter

In this post Pastor Sean reflects on the events of the burning of Notre Dame. While the tragedy will silence the cathedral this year, what does the tragedy mean for all Christians?   “The restoration France needs is not that which she craves; it needs a resurrection of the soul,[…]

Are You Consuming Food Porn?

One major problem with American Christians is gluttony. Yet, we tend to give our leaders, pastors, and ourselves a pass when it comes to this vice. Part of the problem is that we’ve started to call our vices porn in a positive sense. A word that used to mean evil[…]

How to start a quiet time

In this post Pastor Sean looks to some helpful advice for starting a quiet time. He recommends (for first timers) keeping it small and maintaining faithfulness. Check it out below!   How To Start A Quiet Time

Letters From Dad

In this post Pastor Sean looks at a letter from Samuel Wesley to his son John Wesley. The letter encourages his son as he starts his ministry and thinks about heading on a mission trip to south Georgia. The letter helps us understand what Christian fatherhood looks like throughout the[…]

What Happened to the United Methodists

In this post pastor Sean looks at the issues facing the United Methodist church from a Baptist perspective. As their vote to change the denomination comes closer, we want to take a look at what led the UMC on its current path.   Check out Pastor Sean’s latest post on[…]

How to Start a Family Devotion at Christmas

In this week’s post, Pastor Sean discusses the importance of having a family devotion. If you’ve struggled with starting one, Pastor Sean offers some helpful tips for starting one this December.   How to Start a Family Devotion in December

The Puritans at Plymouth

The Puritans of Plymouth Pastor Sean Wegener Presented to Summerville First Baptist 11/21/18   Seek good, and not evil, That you may live; And so the Lord, the God of Hosts, will be with you, as you have said. Hate evil, and love good, And establish justice in the gate;[…]