Can Evil and Normal Coexist?

               Children movies are intentionally easy to understand; the forces of good, often represented by softer and brighter colored figures, take on the forces of evil, those mean harsh people dressed in blacks and reds. What happens when we step out of the realm of childhood and into theContinue reading “Can Evil and Normal Coexist?”

Reflections on Pastoring for Three Months

I love the Easter season. After Easter season is complete, I like to take a time to reflect on how I grew as a Christian over the previous year. The passage below is a reflection on growth, including a reflection on pastoring for three months. Need to Work On Scripture Memory I’ve spent a lotContinue reading “Reflections on Pastoring for Three Months”

Preparation for Easter: A Second Prayer.

O’ Faithful Father, The world is artful to ensnare, approaches in fascinating guise, extends gilded bait, flashes a charming visage. Let the faith of Summerville First see every painted bauble, escape every trap in the victory of your Son’s death and resurrection. Let our faith stride forth in giant power, and respond in love toContinue reading “Preparation for Easter: A Second Prayer.”

The Suffiency of Scripture in Art

Icon with Crucifixion (ca. 950) Byzantine Period Notice the use of Scripture in the picture. Icon of St. George (ca. 1400-1450) The British Museum Example of Christian art not depicting God or scripture.   The Crucified Christ with the Virgin Mary, Saints and Angels(1502-1503) Raphael The National Gallery Notice the use of liturgical elements inContinue reading “The Suffiency of Scripture in Art”

Our First Prayer Preparing for Easter

Gracious Father,                  Enlarge our hearts, stir our affections, and open our lips to proclaim the mighty work of your outstretched arm at Cavalry. The hands which fashioned time out of nothing now bear the weight of the thy son upon the cross, a son freely given. YourContinue reading “Our First Prayer Preparing for Easter”

A Minister’s Preaching

I particularly enjoy reading various prayers. On my desk three different prayer books usually stand. I like to read The  Book of Common Prayer (1559), The Prayers of Peter Marshall by Peter Marshall, and Prayers for Meditation by Karl Rahner. However, The Valley of Vision is one of my favorite prayer books. From The Valley of Vision,Continue reading “A Minister’s Preaching”

Is Death Merciful?

In 1939 Karl Brandt popularized a word among the German people; this word, having trickled down the steps of time, landed into the hands of modern American culture. Brandt’s word was gnandentod. You may have never heard the German word gnandentod; likely you have heard the Greek equivalent, euthanasia. Both gnandentod and euthanasia mean mercifulContinue reading “Is Death Merciful?”