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Summerville First’s Motto –

Here at Summerville First we like to say our church is a place “Where Love Surrounds.” Our desire for each ministry is to show the love of Christ. We do this in two ways:

Save the Lost

This year’s vision for our church is to focus on saving the lost. We evaluate all of our ministries based on their ability to tell people about Christ. We define evangelism as an individual person sharing the gospel directly with another person or people. While serving the community is important to our church, we make an effort to personally share the gospel one-on-one and with small groups of people. Our members believe in showing that Summerville First is a place “Where Love Surrounds” by first sharing the gospel.

Grow the Saved

Our second focus for this year is on discipleship. We desire for each member to belong to a discipleship group, to be reading their Bible together, and living life helping each other. Save the Lost is our starting line, but the length of the Christian race is to run toward Jesus. That is why we also say “Grow the Saved.” The test for our ministries is in their ability to grow Christian disciples.

Our verse:

Concerning our mission we consider John 4:24, “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth”, as our primary text. It is our desire to worship God in spirit. We must have the right attitude, an attitude of love and service, in order to worship God. But we must also be worshiping the right God! That is why we take seriously worshiping God in truth. Our classes and ministries focus on serving others and learning more about God.

Summerville First is located at 125 Georgia Ave., Summerville, GA 30747

Summerville First Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located in Summerville, Georgia. Organized in 1848, it has a rich history of ministry to Chattooga County.

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