Sowing God’s Word

Sowing God’s Word
in a Busy Schedule

Sean Wegener
Pastor Summerville First Baptist


The Busy Schedule

In 2005 I was ready to open a new chapter in my life. Having graduated from McKinney High School, I was bound for Oklahoma State University (OSU) for the fall. I had signed up for 12 credit hours, auditioned and won a scholarship for acting, and was reading my Bible daily. The first semester at OSU was quite easy. I found myself a bit bored with the class load. I was able to do my class work, attend church, work, and have plenty of free time. My solution was to increase my class load from 12 hours to 18 hours. By my second year, I was taking 22 hours of credit and on track to graduate in two-and-half years.

While my work load increased, a correlation appeared between a busy schedule and the decline of spiritual disciplines. Particularly, I had a hard time finding joy in reading God’s Word. This is not to say that I stopped enjoying the worship of God, going to church -I attended First Baptist Perkins under Pastor Albert May –, or reading God’s Word, but when I made time for the Bible, I was exhausted. The same passages, which once illuminated my soul and renewed my mind, appeared as stale to me. The Bible became just another book that required my studies and time. Reading the Bible was rote and pure drudgery.

Sadly, it took me till the end of my college experience to figure out why my Bible readings were down-right-dull. Paul states in 2 Corinthians 9:6, “Remember this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (ESV). When I was willing to sow Bible reading as the last-ditch efforts of my day, I chose to reap meager rewards. I was giving the first-fruits (biblical term for my first and best) to studying and working hard. Therefore, while I had a great harvest in my own degree plan, I had little to show spiritually.

Busy or Sinful?

Our Good Earth, John Steurt Curry.

A busy schedule doesn’t necessarily mean a sinful one. However, when a
busy schedule shows itself to be robbing us of love for God and his
Word, it is no longer a busy schedule – it’s a sinful one.

How do we tell the difference between a healthy yet busy schedule
and a hectic crushing one? Ask yourself one question: do I have time to
enjoy the Bible as a first-fruits activity? Don’t just ask if you have time to
read the Bible. Do you have time to enjoy it? Am I giving my best
energy and best work (whenever that may be) to my relationship
with God? If you are not (especially because of your schedule),
change immediately! Don’t wait for a meager harvest. Don’t
wait till you’re robbed of joy. Don’t wait till your marriage is suffering.

By the time I entered into Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2008), I had learned my lesson. I slowed down and took school at a much slower pace. However, the consequences of my life at OSU continues into the present. Sowing sparingly for a season of your life can reap lasting sparse spiritual harvests. Thankfully God is a God of grace. Start sowing generously (put your best effort into your relationship with God) and you will reap the benefits.


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  1. Sounds like a message from the time of Mary & Martha when Christ visited prior to his death & Martha chided Mary for sitting at Jesus’ feet rather than helping her.
    The lesson is “The Burden & Barrenness of Business.”

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