Preparation for Easter: A Second Prayer.

O’ Faithful Father,

The world is artful to ensnare, approaches in fascinating guise, extends gilded bait, flashes a charming visage. Let the faith of Summerville First see every painted bauble, escape every trap in the victory of your Son’s death and resurrection. Let our faith stride forth in giant power, and respond in love to every sinful act.

Jesus, Holy Son of God, you said it would be better for us if you left. I believe you spoke truth, but often I mourn your absence, whose smile makes creating a paradise, whose words a healing balm, whose presence gives all sufficient grace. Yet, since I cannot see you, my unbelief often keeps you, My Lord Jesus, outside the doors of my heart. But, faith is in those things unseen. You are unseen. Therefore, let the faith of Summerville First Baptist give entrance that you may abide in us forever.

Holy Spirit keep us from sinning or sinking in the evil day; help us to carry into ordinary life portions of divine truth and use them on suitable occasions, so that its doctrines may inform, warning caution, its rules guide, its promises confront us. Holy One, let not those of my flock who are in Christ’s name fall short of heavens list, participate in acts of the flesh, or imbibe spiritual apathy. Grant them the fruit of the Spirit, a tender conscience, a soft heart, delights of your Word, and victory in love.

You who are one, who are united in yourself, unite us in the Son. May we be of one mindset, which is to your glory. May we worship you fully, praise you sweetly, and pray earnestly as we remember the Son’s resurrection.*


*for more of this prayer, and prayers like it, see The Valley of Vision. This prayer is built off of Faith and the World.

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