Our First Prayer Preparing for Easter

Gracious Father,

                 Enlarge our hearts, stir our affections, and open our lips to proclaim the mighty work of your outstretched arm at Cavalry. The hands which fashioned time out of nothing now bear the weight of the thy son upon the cross, a son freely given. Your grace removes our burdens, heaps them upon the brow of your Son and atones your wrath against us.

                Who could be silent, O’ Christ, whose lips could withhold praise for such a gift as freedom from sin. There at your cross, Jesus, there we find God’s justice and mercy mingled in the precious flow from your side. You were all anguish, that we may be all joy; you were downtrodden, that we may be called friends; you were given to hell’s worst, that we may rejoice in heaven’s best.

                Savior stretch out your wings and cover us in your mercy. We are not able to comprehend the depths of your love. But give to us a heart prepared to celebrate your resurrection. We desire to rejoice at your table in heaven, but we will take comfort in the hope of Easter Sunday.

                Holy Spirit, lead us to sing of Jesus’s cross. May those who come to hear your song fling down all their burdens and see them vanish; where they have mountains of guilt, level them to a plain; where they have chasm of despair, fill them with joy; where they bathe in the mire of sin, wash them with the crystal streams of heaven’s grace; where they tarnish under apathy, polish them with ample worship.

                May our church know a clean heart full of goodness more beautiful than the lily, a clean heart singing by night and day, a heart abiding by your precious side.

                O blessed resurrection, you are our hope. May we be prepared to receive you.


2 thoughts on “Our First Prayer Preparing for Easter

    1. Tina, our musical was on Palm Sunday. We currently have a Lord’s Supper planned for tonight (Thursday) at 6:00pm and a Good Friday service where we will read the Gospels from 9:00am-5:00pm. Please also feel welcome to join us Sunday morning for Easter at 11:00am.

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