Foggy Mirrors and Faith

              Ever try driving with a foggy windshield? For some reason, I still make the attempt. The windshield? Foggy. Visibility? About 25%. I’ll still say to myself, “You got this.” My bravado may put too much stock in faith and hope in these moments. When driving with a foggy or frosted mirror, I have to slow down and accept larger details may be missing from my view (was that a massive raccoon or a small deer?). Part of the problem we face as Christians, our mirror reflecting Christ remains foggy. Paul puts it this way, “for now we see in a mirror dimly” (1 Cor 13:12a).

              1 Corinthians 13 continues to reign as one of the most quoted chapters in the Bible. The chapter’s poetic descriptions rightfully earn itself the nickname ‘the love chapter.’ However, after verse seven (love bears all things…) many people do not get onto Paul’s larger point. He teaches us love never ends (verse 8). Yet, when it comes to very hard life questions, the why and how of life, Paul reminds us we don’t possess a crystal-clear reflection of God (verse 12).

              On our journey of sanctification, evil will position more than few potholes on the narrow road. For some of us, a wide chasm between God’s love and our understanding will threaten to stop us from running the Christian race. Naturally we will ask, “why would God allow this?” Beloved, understand such questions may never be answered. We cannot see God’s plan for us as clearly as we would like. We have to approach our Christian walk with a foggy mirror.

              We must come to accept the things of which we can be certain: faith, hope, and love. Faith and hope will fade away as we come to know Christ, not through written word but through a true close relationship in heaven. Love, however, will remain. When Paul writes, “love never ends,” he sharpens our focus as we peer through foggy glass. We may not know the why or the how, but we know when the glass warms up and the light of Christ shines through, love will still be the faithful companion walking with us on journey into eternity.

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